6 Major Home Electricity Safety Tips

One of the most risky things you can have in your home is electricity because if it is handled in the wrong manner, it can lead to fire or even death. This is why it is important to ensure that safety precautions regarding electricity are observed in order to avoid such occurrences. To help you be on the safe side always, this article offers you some home electricity safety tips you need to follow.

Look after all the appliance cords

You should always ensure that electrical appliances, extensions and their cords are kept away from water. You need to understand that water is a good conductor of electricity, so if such devices get into contact with water there is a high risk of fire. In addition, makes sure that all cords are in perfect condition. Never at any one time use cords that are frayed or worn to avoid injuries. To extend the life of your appliance, you should disconnect an appliance at the outlet by pulling the plug, but not the cord.

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Avoid double adapter connections

You need to note that overloading can occur if you connect too many cords to outlets that are designed for a single or two plugs. You should only use power boards that have in built safety devices to prevent power outlet overload.

Make sure that all your outlets are childproof

There are childproof plugs you can buy to prevent children kids from poking small items into them. This will ensure that your children are always safe even when they are left alone at home.

Let all work be done by a qualified electrician Singapore

Many people tend think that they can do some wiring at home just because they have some electric knowledge. This is a great mistake that you should not commit in your home. When you have any issue that requires to be dealt with, it is advisable that you call a highly qualified and licensed electrician in Singapore to handle your project. Regardless of how minor the job might be, never try to handle it by yourself.

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Install safety switches

Safety switches are very crucial. So, you must ensure that your meter box has safety switches installed. As a safety rule, all electrical equipments should only be used if they are connected to a safety switch. This will avoid injuries or electric shocks that can be fatal to you or any other member of your family.

Test all safety switches

It is good to test all your switches after every three months to ensure that they are in the right working conditions. To do this testing, all you need to do is to press the test or T button. In case the switch turns off then it means that it is in the right working condition. However, you need to keep in mind that the use of safety switches does not mean that you be less careful when using electricity at home.

Bottom line

The above are just some of the home electricity safety tips that you need to follow. There are more that you can learn from your electrician Singapore or other sources.

10 Safety Working Tips From An Electrical Contractor

While having a safe working environment is critical to prevention of electrical hazards, electrical contractors emphasize the need for those working to be extra cautious and work safely. This way, you are able to mitigate the risk of death and injuries from the dangerous hazards.

Although you may be able to do some of the electrical work yourself, you may often times need the service of a reliable electrician in Singapore. Thus, by following some golden tenets, you can ensure your safety.

Avoiding contact with energized electrical circuits

This can often lead to serious electrical shock, burns and possible death when not adhered to. Thus, you should cover all the exposed wires with tape or tuck them away.

Easy to check

You should never use metallic rulers or pencil, wear metal watchbands or rings when working in such assn environment. Often times, you may forget this rule when pointing to a section. If you know you normally forget such things, it best to get an electrician in Singapore to assist you.

Always be aware

Whenever you want to handle electrical equipment, you should always first ensure that either you cover your hands with gloves or make sure that they are dry. If you can, better protection will be possible if you wear nonconductive clothes, shoes with insulated soles and gloves.

Connection safety procedure

If you are being assisted by someone who happens to come in contact with live electrical equipment, you should never touch that person, cord or equipment. Instead, you should disconnect the main power source from the circuit breaker or use a leather belt to pull out the plug.

Spillage measures

If it so happens that you spill some chemical or water onto the equipment, you shut off the circuit breaker or the main power switch and then proceed to unplug the equipment.

Room safety

You should always minimize the use of electrical equipment in rooms where condensation is likely to occur or in cold rooms. If there is no other choice but to use them, you should always ensure that you mount the equipment on vertical panel or a wall.

Drain capacitors

Before walking near capacitors, you should first drain them completely and ensure to keep the terminal circuit short as you work to avoid instances of electrical shock.

Use the back of your hand

When there is need to touch electrical equipment in instances such as checking if the equipment has overheated, you should always use the back of your hands. This is to ensure that you do not “freeze” to the conductor if you were to be electrocuted causing muscular contraction.

Because the world economy is moving towards working day and night, you can now be able to seek the services of a 24 hour electrician in Singapore to assist you with whichever electrical issues that you may be having. Not only do you have the ability to get assistance, but the presence of electrician services in Singapore can help you setup your electrical system at your new house all day and night.